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Out of hours Emergency Dental Service

(Evenings, Weekends and Bank Holidays):
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A Warm Welcome awaits you

Welcome to Kenilworth Dental Practice's NHS page. There are lots of details here so please take the time to read on at leisure. The latest amazing news is that we were Shortlisted for the 'Best Practice Award' in the UK Dentistry Awards at the end of 2011 and practice owner Dr Arjun Kachhala was also listed in the UK's top 50 Dentists in 'Dentistry Magazine' (April 2012). We were also winners for 'Best Team in UK' and shortlisted for 'Best Practices Award' in the UK Dentistry Awards 2013.

We offer all patients the opportunity to join us as an NHS or a private patient.


Which dental services do we offer?

Due to very high demand, the practice is currently expanding onto 2 floors and from 4 dental rooms to 5 (with room for a 6th).

We currently have 5 dentists totally, 1 dental therapist, 1 hygienists and a very talented team of 10 dental surgery assistants.


Registering as an NHS or Private Patient

When registering with us, you have two choices. You can register as a Private patient with the Practice Owner Dr. Arjun Kachhala, who is the most experienced general dentist in the practice. Alternatively, you can register as an NHS patient with one of our 4 associate dentists.

Dr Kachhala's Private Clinic will shortly be occupying the entire first floor of our beautiful building, due to high demand. Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) and speak to Arjun's PA Sue Sketchley
or Contact us to register with Dr Kachhala.

Dr. Kachhala has recruited 5 other highly talented associate dentists that will care for you if you wish to register as an NHS patient instead. Dr Kachhala says, 'Our NHS dentists have either been head hunted or cherry picked having passed a rigorous recruitment process. We have processes to check our standards regularly. So, if you wish to register with one of my associates, you can expect a very high standard of communication, treatment and care to achieve the best level of basic health for your gums and teeth.' All our dentists are committed to on-going postgraduate development and learning.

Even whilst registering as an NHS patient, you are entitled to choose any individual private treatment option you wish.

Our NHS clinic is based on the ground floor of the practice. It is a very popular clinic in terms of numbers and an initial check-up is only £19.70 (NHS fee changes apply annually in April). Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) or Contact us to register.


What is the difference between NHS & Private Registration?

We receive a fixed annual NHS budget and we provide a popular and very high standard of basic treatment and care on the NHS within our budget. With respect to the average treatment times, the materials and laboratories available and the choices of treatment available, we cannot provide a limitless service on the NHS. For state-of-the-art materials, cutting edge technology or significantly longer appointment times we offer an alternative choice & you may wish to consider private registration instead.

Private Dentistry generally differs in 3 ways:

  • The treatments available- greatest choice
  • The materials and laboratories used-best for the case
  • Time with Dr Kachhala


Private Registration with Dr Kachhala

If you're looking for a more bespoke private experience, with greater emphasis on attention to detail, state-of-the-art materials, cutting edge technology or significantly longer appointment times you'll want to meet with our UK top 50 Dentist & practice owner Dr Arjun Kachhala. Arjun runs a purely private list and will focus most of his time on advising you, his patient, on how to 'future-proof' your teeth, fillings and gum health so that you can keep your gums and teeth healthy for life.

Due to a very high level of demand, we are currently expanding and a newly refurbished private clinic will be ready on our first floor (previously a domestic area).

Benefits: Here's a glimpse of what to expect if you wish to register with Dr Arjun…

  • Beautiful surroundings-more intimate & relaxed for you with a greater quality of experience, especially useful if you are nervous.
  • Personalised care-with a smaller team of only two, you'll soon get to know us and how we'll do things in an alternative way!
  • More time & less haste-Feel more comfortable with your dentist. We restrict numbers upstairs so we can take the time to find out about you as a person, your needs and your experience of dentistry so far. The time will also ensure that you can accurately absorb information about which treatments might or might not suit you.
  • Get to know and be looked after by the Practice Owner. Benefit from his level of cutting-edge knowledge and commitment to on-going life-long postgraduate training. Enjoy the latest choice of treatments and materials available.

Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) and speak to Practice Manager Sue Sketchley
or Contact us to register.


The Private New Patient Experience with Dr Kachhala

  • Your initial New Patient Experience will last at least 4 hours.
  • Our feedback has shown us that you will experience the most thorough and gentle dental examination ever, and we’ll get to know each other as people very well by the time you leave.
  • You’ll be offered a detailed treatment plan which will aim to stabilise your teeth, fillings and gum health for life. You’ll leave with a clear vision of which treatments best suit you and more importantly you’ll understand why. You’ll also have far more information about preventing problems in the future and there will be the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.
  • There is no pressure to proceed with treatment. You will leave feeling more knowledgeable, relaxed and happy about what private dentistry can offer you.
  • If you choose to proceed, we offer interest free credit to help you manage costs and budget more appropriately. A full written treatment quote will be given to you.
  • The cost for this private experience is only £300, and our feedback has shown that patients are extremely grateful for having the opportunity to learn about dentistry and how to look after your mouth, from Dr Kachhala!

For further details on registering, Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) and speak to Arjun’s PA Sue Sketchley
or contact us


What am I entitled to on the NHS and how much do I pay?

If you wish to register on the NHS at Kenilworth Dental Practice you will receive a very high standard of treatment and care to achieve the best level of basic health for your gums and teeth.

If you choose our NHS services, we offer the following:

  • Dental health checks (examination including oral cancer screening)
  • Basic gum care (removal of plaque) and advice on keeping gums healthy
  • Fillings (silver coloured amalgam for back teeth and where not visible)
  • Simple tooth removal
  • Root fillings (first treatment only)
  • Acrylic (pink plastic) dentures (to replace missing teeth)
  • Simple bridges (to replace missing teeth)
  • Crowns (silver coloured metal alloy on back teeth, not tooth coloured)

The prices depend on the treatment you need to keep your mouth, gums and teeth healthy. You'll fall into 1 of 3 categories per course of treatment:

  • Band 1 £20.60
  • Band 2 £56.30
  • Band 3 £244.30

If you are exempt from NHS charges you will not pay NHS fees

You're still entitled to opt for ad-hoc supplementary private treatment whilst remaining registered on the NHS if you wish. Your dentist will always offer you all the appropriate options in order for you to decide what you prefer.

Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) or Contact us to register.

There is more information available online. For further information on NHS dental services and dental charges download the leaflet NHS dental services in England from or the dental services section of the NHS Choices website

For advice on how to get help with health costs call 0845 850 1166 or see Help with health costs (HC11), which is available from Jobcentre Plus offices at


Band 1 - £20.60

Band 2 - £56.30

Band 3 - £244.30

Examination and advice
Simple scale

Band 1 plus
Simple tooth removal
Simple root fillings

Band 1 & 2 plus
Removable Acrylic (pink) dentures
Simple bridgework

If your dentist recommends more complex tooth removal, complex root fillings or treatment of advanced gum disease you will have 2 options:

  • To be referred to a hospital or clinic which has specific funding to complete your treatment on the NHS
  • To have the treatment carried out on a private basis, either by a local specialist or in our practice.

Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) or Contact us to register.


Am I entitled to free NHS dental treatment?

Yes if you:

  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Under 19 and receiving full-time education
  • Are Pregnant
  • Had a baby in the last 12 months

Yes if you are included in an award (as a claimant, partner or dependent person under 20) of:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment & Support Allowance
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Universal credit

Or if you are named on one of the following certificates:

  • HC2 certificate
  • NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate (Card)

You must show evidence of your claim for free treatment each time you visit.
If you aren’t certain that you are entitled to free NHS dental services, NHS guidelines state that you should pay and if it turns out that you are entitled then you can claim a refund. Please be aware that routine checks are carried out by the NHS on any claims and it is your responsibility for the accuracy of the claim not the practice’s. If you’re found to have wrongly claimed free NHS dental services you’ll have to pay a penalty of up to £100 on top of the treatment.

Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) or Contact us to register.

For further information on NHS dental services and dental charges, see the dental services section on NHS choices website (

For advice on help with health costs call 0300 3330 1343 or go to NHS choices website at

What is not available on the NHS? (but is available privately or with a specialist)

30 minute appointments are currently £59.50


Private fees

Private fees differ considerably according to e.g. size (of fillings, bridges or dentures), surgery time required or any laboratory costs. An individual and exact quote can only be given by our dentists once they have had a chance to assess your individual needs and to discuss your options properly. Our team cannot therefore quote exact fees for treatment over the phone, a printed quote will be given to you once you have been assessed. Whatever your needs are-Please Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) or contact us to book an assessment.


Cosmetic dental treatment fees.

Cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening, straightening or more complex smile enhancement is not available on the NHS. Before an exact quote can be provided, all smile improvement enquiries are first assessed by our cosmetic expert & practice Owner Dr. Arjun Kachhala. Quotes are only possible after a thorough assessment to ascertain individual needs and a diagnosis and to ensure suitability for potential treatment. All cases are unique and different and are based on such things as expected surgery time, laboratory costs and materials which will differ from person to person.

Please Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) and speak to Arjun’s PA Sue Sketchley or Contact us to register if you would like to experience your initial assessment.

0% Interest FREE credit available to suit your budget

We have a consumer credit licence.  To help you get treatment that may not otherwise have been possible, since 2009 we have worked through a third party company called Medenta Finance to offer the option of up to 2 years interest free credit (no interest) for any private, cosmetic treatment or dental implants. That means you pay NO INTEREST if you want to spread your payments into manageable monthly amounts over two years. You can leave a deposit or alternatively you can choose to leave no deposit if you wish.

If you wish to take longer than 2 years to pay, we still offer numerous different options to suit affordability such as very low cost 7.9% APR for up to five years with a small deposit. This is currently cheaper than most banks. We can find any option to suit your monthly budget.

It works like this-Once you have been given a treatment plan quote, just tell us what your monthly affordability is and we will do the rest. There is a quick online applications procedure that we will go through with you in a private room at the practice. Approval depends on your credit status. Once the application is approved, we can begin your treatment. This has proved to be very popular and patients have told us that they like the option of being able to spread their payments according to their own affordability.

For more information or to register, phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) and speak to Sue Sketchley or Contact us.

Kenilworth Dental Practice is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


Our team of Associate Dentists

We have five associate dentists providing NHS and mixed dentistry on the ground floor of our practice.
You can choose from any of the following:

Dr Jessal Pankhania BDS, Dip.Rest.Dent(RCS London)

Qualified: University of Birmingham UK (2004)
Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
General Dental Council registration number: 83489
Male dentist joined us in September 2012.

Dr Bhavin Jagatia BDS MJDF

Qualified: University of Manchester UK (2007)
Available: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
General Dental Council registration number: 114155
Male dentist, joined us in October 2012

Dr Mitesh Panchal

Qualified University of Sheffield UK 2012
Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
General Dental Council registration number: 229277
Male dentist, joined us in December 2014

Dr Aarti Prasher BDS

Qualified: University of Sheffield UK (2012)
Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
General Dental Council registration number: 229291
Female dentist, joined us in August 2013.

Our commitment to providing 'Informed Consent'

Ethically, the process of finding out and subsequently explaining a diagnosis to you (and any recommended treatment), then requires your medical ‘Informed Consent’ in order for you to understand all that there is to know about the recommended treatment before you proceed. This is an important process in the medical and dental field, and applies for example whether you’re having a new hip or a new filling respectively.

Every time you proceed for treatment we will ensure that you are fully informed before proceeding. For you to be fully informed our explanation to you will cover 5 sub-areas that include (i) the benefits to you, (ii) the risks or inconveniences, including how long the treatment might last (iii) all appropriate alternative options, (iv) what will happen during the procedure and (v) and any risks to your gums or teeth of not taking up our recommendations. Our team are committed to ensuring that all of our patients have had enough time to discuss their proposed treatment and have had a chance to ask as many questions as you need in order for you to be fully informed each time you need treatment at our practice.


Our emphasis on prevention and the long term

Wouldn’t you like to stop worrying about having frequent and unexpected problems occurring in your mouth at random times?

At Kenilworth Dental Practice we’ve introduced a new approach. We emphasis the benefits of a less reactive and a more preventive ethos in order to maintain your teeth, fillings and gum health for life. This means that we don’t just fix what goes wrong in the short term (as has traditionally been the case with dentistry). We like to give you the long term outlook for your teeth and gums as well, so that you can have as much information and be involved in planning your future oral health stability too.

How does this different approach work?

Firstly, if you are new to the practice, if appropriate, we will propose an initial treatment plan to stabilise you as quickly as possible and to get you out of any discomfort.

Once you have become stable, we will highlight any potential medium to long term problems in your mouth which may require attention. Thus, you will be offered a further preventive ‘care plan’ to work towards in the medium to long term in order to achieve an ideal predictable and stable situation. Once achieved, this means you will only need to attend for review visits, safe in the knowledge that the chances of anything unexpected occurring are very small.

This innovative approach is based on around 30 years of good dental research. The evidence has shown that there are known long term clinical risks associated with such things as very large fillings, gaps in your mouth or untreated gum disease, which may cause problems in your mouth later on. We cannot ethically ignore this evidence or the long term picture of your oral health. Our ethos is to offer you a long term care plan to eliminate these potential risks, in order to prevent an unexpected situation randomly in the future. So basically, you’ll be offered treatment to eliminate these risks as part of your long term care plan. You remain in control and are free to decide whether to take our advice or decline treatment, and we will ensure you have been fully informed either way as mentioned above.

During this process, you will go through a journey. We will educate and reinforce oral health advice so that you can become more aware, motivated and more in control of your own teeth and gums. Our aim is that, ultimately, once you have completed your long term care plan, you will have acquired the knowledge to maintain optimum oral health and thus you will only need to attend for simple maintenance checks, saving you time, money and unexpected inconvenience in the future.

Practice Owner Dr Arjun Kachhala says, ‘Our approach takes a bit of getting used to. I have many happy patients now with stable and predictable mouths who have completed their long term care plans. Now they routinely visit only once per year, because there is no justification in attending more frequently.’


Appointment Cancellation Policy

We ask all patients to be courteous and notify us at least 48 hours in advance should they wish to cancel or change an appointment. This is so that the time can be offered to another patient that might be able to attend instead. If more than 2 NHS appointments are missed or cancelled with inadequate notice we are entitled to remove you from our NHS list (as per NHS guidelines).


Payment Policy

For NHS services, if you pay for your treatment full payments will be required in advance before your treatment slot can be reserved (as per NHS guidelines)


Payment methods

We accept cash, credit or debit cards (except American Express). We do not accept cheques.


Disability Access and DISABLED parking available only

The practice is located in a beautiful Victorian building dating back to the 1850’s, and Station Road is in a designated conservation area. So, we have some physical restraints and a chair lift or slope is not installed to the front of the building-however we do have very easy wheelchair access through the side of the building to 2 surgeries. Disabled Parking is also clearly marked on the right of our driveway (please remember to display your badge when you visit us). When you arrive, you’ll press a buzzer (clearly marked on the side of the building near the parking bay) to let us know you have arrived (we’d be expecting you anyway). One of our friendly team members would then escort you into the building through the correct entrance. Feedback has shown that our disabled patients are very satisfied with the procedures we have in place for physically disabled patients to access our services. Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) or Contact us to register and you’ll be assured of a warm welcome, everybody is invited.


General Parking arrangements

We generate around 20,000 appointments per year! Unless you are disabled, parking is not permitted on our driveway as access is required at all times. This is because part of the building is still occupied by residents. The driveway is regularly monitored, so regretfully, if you do park (without displaying a disabled badge) you’ll be asked to move! This is out of fairness to our residents and our other patients who happily comply. On road pay and display parking is available opposite the practice and the cost is up to £2 for a maximum of 2 hours parking. Please refer to directions on how to get to our practice; we are diagonally opposite Waitrose Kenilworth.


Standards and Safety Guaranteed

Kenilworth Dental Practice is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all its patients and team.

  • The entire clinical team are registered legally as dental professionals with the General Dental Council
  • Our practice decontamination equipment is validated in line with current legislation and we are compliant with the essential standards of infection prevention and decontamination as laid out by the Department of Health’s document HTM 01-05 ‘Decontamination in Dental Practice’
  • We have a robust policy to protect your confidential patient records and information and we are compliant with the 1998 Data Protection Act. Only team members will have access to your records. Rest assured that information is not disclosed to any third party unless you consent.
  • The team receive on-going update training in Core Continuing Professional Development (as required by law), in the following areas: Decontamination/Infection Prevention and Cross Infection Control Procedures; Radiation Protection; Life Support Procedures/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the Management of Emergencies.
  • We regularly audit all our procedures and standards and strive to maintain a consistently high level of service, care and experience for all our patients.


Comments and Suggestions: Get involved & help shape our services

We welcome your comments and suggestions and we like to listen to your feedback. Our ethos is to ensure all patients leave satisfied with the care we provide. If you have an idea or suggestion which you feel would benefit other people who use our services, please let us know. Practice Owner Dr Arjun Kachhala says, ‘Please tell us what you think, however big or small it really matters to us and it will ensure we can maintain a consistently high level of service.’ Please Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) or Contact us. You can talk to the Practice Manageress Sue Sketchley who will take a detailed note of your comments. Alternatively, feedback forms are available with our reception.



We love hearing good news! If you’re pleased with the services we have provided or a particular member of our team stood out for you, please tell us. We always welcome comments from patients who have been satisfied with the care and service they have received.

Compliments will be used to highlight good practice and will be communicated with the rest of the team at our regular team meetings so that others may benefit! Please Phone 01926 512 747 (Option 1) or Contact us.



If you are unhappy for any reason, please tell us first-we want to know. Where criticism is made we would like the opportunity to hear from you so that we may have a chance to investigate, respond and if necessary put right what was wrong. Wherever possible, try to speak to us about your complaint as soon as it occurs. Practice manageress Sue Sketchley is very approachable and caring and we will genuinely listen to your concerns. You can speak to or telephone Saijel on the main practice number 01926 512 747. If unavailable, she will return your call as a priority as soon as it is practical. It is often better and easier to talk through any issues and come to a quicker solution before things feel worse. So please don’t ever feel as though we are disinterested. If you do make a complaint it will not be filed in your dental records. We have a private room available on the first floor if you should need to discuss anything confidentially. If things cannot be resolved there is then a complaints procedure that is followed. If you would like a printed copy of our Complaints Policy, Saijel will provide you with one. There is also a copy available in our Patient Information Folder in our main waiting area and at Reception on the ground floor.
When a complaint cannot be resolved satisfactorily through internal practice procedures first, the next stage is to make a complaint to one of the following:

For complaints about NHS treatment: Call the complaints office at Redditch Contact Centre on 0300 311 22 33. Or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Or write to Complaints, Redditch Contact Centre, PO Box 16738, Redditch B97 9PT. There is also lots of information on

For complaints about treatment received privately (after it has not been possible first to resolve the complaint satisfactorily through internal practice procedures-see above) the next stage is to contact The Dental Complaints Service: 020 8253 0800 or go to

(A written copy of our full Complaints Policy is available from the manageress Sue Sketchley)


Rudeness: Zero Tolerance

Abusive, rude or aggressive behaviour, (including swearing) towards any member of our team under any circumstance will not be tolerated. You will be removed from our list and never treated again in the practice and the local health authority will also be informed. NHS guidelines state that anybody providing NHS services has the right to refuse treatment to anybody who is violent or aggressive.


Patient information

A patient information folder is available in the main waiting area and at Reception on the ground floor of the practice. This holds key information on all our procedures and policies, some of which has already been alluded to above. For example it includes our policies on: Complaints; Equal Opportunities; Disability Policy; Physically Disabled Patient Access Procedure; Patient Payment Policy; Appointment Cancellation Policy; Infection Control Policy; Patient Consent Policy; Data Protection Policy and the safekeeping of your records. Guidance on how often your NHS check-ups should be and NHS dental charges is also included along with examples of feedback forms and Questionnaires.  We welcome you to browse it whenever you visit us. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions on it (feedback forms are available at Reception). Individual copies of policies can be made available upon request and the information can also be made available in alternative formats and languages.

For further guidance and clarification on particular treatments you may have been recommended or if you require more information we have many leaflets available in the practice. There is also lots of information available elsewhere on our website.


A brief history of Kenilworth Dental Practice

The practice is located in a beautiful 4 storey Victorian building that dates back to the 1850’s in a picturesque area of leafy Warwickshire. Station Road is also within a designated conservation area. We are just opposite Waitrose in Kenilworth and minutes by car from Coventry, Warwick and Royal Leamington Spa.

The practice was originally established in 1985 and we recently celebrated our Silver Jubilee! The practice was originally located on another site on Warwick Road in Kenilworth. At that time the practice owner (or the ‘father of the practice’ as current owner Arjun often says) was one David Wolfin. David and his wife Bernadette Costello (also a dentist) ran the practice on the old site with 2 chairs/rooms, until around 1990. They then relocated the practice to the current site at 26, Station Road. They extended the building before they moved, so that the family (2 kids) could also live on site. They also expanded the practice to 4 chairs/rooms.

By 2000, new owners took over the practice as David and Bernadette had decided to emigrate. Deborah Chamley had already been working as an associate dentist at the practice since 1992 and so David invited her to take over the practice with her husband (also a dentist) Mark Knagg.

Arjun Kachhala took over from Deborah and Mark in 2008, having previously worked in Private and NHS practice in Leicester and Coventry respectively. It was a bit of a homecoming as Arjun was originally born and bred in Coventry and he attended King Henry VIII School nearby.

His wife, Dr Saijel Kachhala manages the practice along with Arjun’s Practice Manager Sue Sketchley.

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