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Dr. Arjun Kachhala - Tips 7-10

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7. Don’t drink too much tea or coffee

Teeth-Whitening-KenilworthOnce again the healthy option isn’t always the best for your teeth, says Dr Kachhala. “I see a lot of people who lead a healthy lifestyle but have stained teeth. That’s because most herbal teas, though they won’t damage your teeth, are black and will stain them. Just look in your cup after a drink. Red wine and coffee can have a similar effect.”







8. Listen to your body


Sometimes your dentist is just as likely as your doctor to spot the cause of problems such as neck, shoulder or head pain. Dr Kachhalai says: “Most people would never think these problems had anything to do with their teeth, but, for example, neck pain could be down to clenching or grinding of teeth.”









9. Prevent night-time teeth clenching


Dr Kachhala says: “You can’t wear your teeth down by eating as our diet today is so soft. If people come to me with worn down teeth then it’s because they grind them in their sleep. Come and see us and if this is a problem for you. We can give you various types of mouth guard that will solve the problem.”





10. Only Whiten your teeth with your dentist’s supervision


Don’t bother with over the counter whitening kits - Dr Kachhala acknowledges the fact that not everyone can afford to have an expensive tooth whitening treatment, but stresses that kits sold in pharmacists and shops aren’t worth the cash. “Whitening kits just don’t do anything and if you want your teeth whitened you need to do it properly. Start by talking to us to find out what the options are."

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