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White Fillings

wf5beforetext2A great smile can brighten your life both professionally and socially. Modern cosmetic dental treatments can give the appearance of a more youthful, fresher smile.

The dentists at Kenilworth Dental Practice can replace old, metal fillings with tooth coloured alternatives such as composite resin.

Composite resin comes in a range of shades so the dentist can match the colour of your natural tooth making the filling nearly invisable.

Modern materials are durable and hardwearing. Unilke metal materials composite bonds to the tooth structure using adhesive technology.

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So what does the procedure involve?

Composite resin is very technique sensitive. The filling has to be placed in layers, and in order for the bonding (adhesive) technology to be successful the tooth needs to be completely dry.

Phase 1

  • The dentist will administer local anaesthetic and allow the tooth to go numb before starting treatment

  • The dentist then removes the old filling and any decayed or weak tooth tissue.

  • Once the dentist has prepared the tooth, he/she will place a rubber sheet on a frame over the tooth. This isolates the tooth from the rest of your mouth allowing us the dentist to safely apply the cleaning and bonding agents to the tooth, and also keep it dry. This procedure is called rubber dam and makes the process more comfortable.

Phase 2

  • Once the dentist has placed the rubber dam, he/she will wash and dry the tooth and then apply an etchant to the enamel around the cavity. The etchant is made of fruit acid and is applied for about 10-15 seconds. The etchant prepares the enamel surface for the adhesive material. The tooth is washed thoroughly again and dried.

  • The dentist then applies a thin layer of bonding agent to the cavity, which is gently dried to remove any excess then cured (set) with a blue light. This process is sometimes repeated.

  • The dentist then places the filling material. This is done in layers and each layer is cured with the blue light. Once the cavity is completely filled and the material is set the dentist will polish and shape the filling. He/she will use some thin coloured paper to check that the new filling is within your bite but not interferring with it. As the material is fully hardened you can eat and drink on it straight away, however we always advise patients to wait until the anaesthetic has worn off.


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