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Ceramic inlays / onlays


Ceramic inlays / onlays are custom made tooth coloured restorations which are made in the laboratory by a dental technician.

Inlays / onlays are used to replace very large fillings in the biting surfaces of chewing teeth (molars) that would historically have required a crown.

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So what does the procedure involve?

As with crowns and bridges, ceramic inlays / onlays require at least two visits:

Visit one

  • The dentist will administer local anaesthetic and allow the tooth to go numb before starting treatment
  • The dentist then removes the old filling and any decayed or weak tooth tissue.
  • Once the cavity has been prepared your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. The impressions are then sent to our dental technician along with a shade reference so that he can construct the inlay / onlay to match your natural tooth. Your dentist will then place a temporary restoration into the cavity to protect the tooth whilst the ceramic restoration is being made.

Visit two

  • The dentist will administer local anaesthetic and allow the tooth to go number before starting treatment.
  • Your dentist will then remove the temporary restoration and try in the ceramic inlay / onlay. Once your dentist is happy with the fit and appearance of the inlay / onlay he/she will check that you are happy with its appearance before bonding it into place.
  • The process for bonding the ceramic is very similar to bonding a composite resin filling (see above).
  • Final checks are made, then you can eat and drink as normal.

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