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Enlighten Teeth Whitening

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Why whiten teeth? Dr Kachhala recommends teeth whitening on the upper and lower teeth as a simple and effective method of improving your smile. Teeth whitening procedures are very safe. Teeth whitening can be very effective as a stand-alone treatment, but is it is especially useful when having further dental work to improve the overall smile e.g. veneers or Invisalign® orthodontic treatment.  This combination gives us the ability to produce a more balanced and proportioned smile in harmony with the rest of the face, allowing for a more natural and symmetrical completion in the improvement to your new smile.

What is Enlighten®? Enlighten® is the only whitening treatment available that we have seen work effectively, and unlike others it does not use any special lights or lasers. It is also the only whitening treatment that is verified by independent research. With Enlighten® whitening treatment we can lighten your teeth by application of a tooth whitening gel to the outside surfaces of your teeth whilst simultaneously wearing customised close-fitting application trays (made at our practice). The procedure partly involves whitening your teeth (wearing the trays with gel) at home daily for either two or four weeks. This is followed by a single final ‘finishing’ procedure in surgery. This final visit involves wearing the same customised application trays to help apply 2 x 20minutes applications of a separate stronger whitening gel to the teeth. This final finishing visit usually involves a 1 hour surgery visit in total, after which the whitening treatment is complete.


How long will it last? We expect the whitening treatment result to last between 2-3 years depending on your eating and drinking habits. The more you smoke or have tea, coffee and red wine or highly coloured food and drink such as cranberry juice and blackberry juice, the more staining & discolouration you will build up.

It is strongly recommended that if you wish to maintain the colour of the rest of your teeth after the crowns and bridge are placed, you top up the whitening - the current recommendation is to top up by purchasing additional top-up gel and using your home whitening trays for one week every year. Currently 1 week’s worth of top up gel costs £149, only available at Kenilworth Dental Practice.

In addition, if you have any crown or bridgework completed, and you wish to top up whitening in the future, you will need to have new trays made (as the original trays will no longer fit).

We would recommend that you see our hygienist before starting any whitening treatment as she will remove any calculus (tartar) build up and remove any staining, maximising the final results.

Summary of Enlighten® whitening procedure. The whitening is completed over three visits totally:

  • Visit 1-Impressions (imprints) of your upper and lower teeth are taken in order to make customised whitening trays for you.
  • Visit 2- you return after around 2 weeks, we provide you with and show you how to apply the special whitening gel into custom made upper and lower trays.  You will wear these every night consecutively for either 14 or 28 nights, depending on how dark the teeth are initially.
  • Visit 3- Either on day 15 or 29 after visit 2, you will attend the practice for a 1 hour long appointment to complete the whitening process. Here we will place a slightly stronger gel for 2x 20minutes applications using the same application trays. After this visit your teeth will be whitened ready for the next stage (veneers or crown work) if you require.

Any risks or side effects?-Teeth whitening is a safe, effective, non-invasive and popular method of brightening all natural teeth. Some patients experience sensitivity during the night whitening part or the final surgery procedure. We provide a special de-sensitising treatment before the final visit and we also provide specific de-sensitising advice before the 14 or 28 day night whitening segment.

I have various Crowns and veneers? Will these whiten too? Teeth whitening only whitens natural teeth. It does not whiten porcelain in older crowns, veneers or bridges. If you wish to make all the teeth appear brighter Dr Kachhala advises to whiten the natural teeth first. Once a new brighter colour has been established, the colour of replacement crowns and veneers can be matched to the newly whitened teeth.  In summary, the teeth whitening process can give us a good colour to match any new crowns or veneers to, enabling you to finally have that smile you’ve always wanted.


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