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Complicated Tooth Removal

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When a tooth which is very broken down, heavily filled or root filled, needs to be extracted it is sometimes necessary to use a different technique to remove the tooth. This usually means dividing the tooth into pieces and removing the pieces individually. We appreciate that having a tooth removed is a traumatic experience, and because of this we allow plenty of time to ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

Third molars (wisdom teeth) are the last teeth to erupt, usually in your late teens or early twenties. Quite often third molars do not have room to erupt fully and they get stuck against the tooth in front (impacted). If an impacted third molar causes problems such as pain and infection, or decay in the tooth in front it may be necessary to remove it. Most people have heard stories about this being difficult and unpleasant, however the dentists at Kenilworth Dental Practice have undergone post-graduate surgical training and know how to remove these teeth with minimal trauma and with patient comfort being our first and foremost concern. If there are any potential complications you may be referred to a Consultant Oral Surgeon at Warwick hospital.

Wisdom teeth


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