Important Information about illegal teeth whitening…

Only a dentist or dental professional is legally allowed to whiten teeth, but there are many other people that try. Be aware of e.g. any beauticians, hairdressers or any unregistered people that offer teeth whitening within a salon or in shopping centres!

UK law states that teeth whitening should only be carried out by a dental professional that is registered with the General Dental Council (GDC).

The GDC regulates the UK dental industry. It is therefore against the law for anyone who is not registered with the GDC to be providing teeth whitening procedures. Obviously beauticians and hairdressers etc. are not registered dental professionals and so aren’t trained or experienced in safely assessing anyone’s mouth, teeth and gums etc. before deciding if whitening is suitable.

In 2018, across the UK the GDC prosecuted 31 individuals for illegal teeth whitening. Over the last couple of years at Kenilworth Dental Practice sadly we’ve seen an increasing number of people who’ve had complications after having illegal teeth whitening from unregistered people. Remember-any beautician, hairdresser or non-dental person that offers teeth whitening is doing so illegally and unsafely. For example, you may be at risk from somebody using an abnormally high concentration of whitening gel or the gel itself may not be safe or safely produced from an approved manufacturer in the EU. Approved manufacturers of safe teeth whitening gel will only supply dentists and dental practices.

Please don’t take the risk! In the hands of a dentist, teeth whitening will always be safe and effective and you’ll have no major complications or side-effects. Please don’t risk putting the health of your teeth or gums in the wrong hands, even if you’re being offered reassurances.