Long Term Stabilisation

‘Long Term Stabilisation’ is Dr. Kachhala’s unique approach to having a predictable and stable mouth over the long term, where the emphasis is on better prevention and knowledge. Here, he spends a lot more time to investigate your mouth and together you will gain a much greater depth of knowledge about your whole mouth as well as exactly which factors might be causing some of the problems listed here. With this knowledge you will be offered treatment recommendations as well as preventive advice to achieve better control over your entire mouth in the future. And once you achieve greater stability and predictability you should only need to attend once every 12-15 months for a dental check-up-does this sound appealing? Imagine not needing fillings or teeth removed ever again! Imagine never having to suffer toothache, abscesses, infections or broken fillings again!

On average, Dr. Kachhala’s initial comprehensive assessment for a new private patient will last at least 2 hours and starts from £199 - You will benefit from a thorough oral cancer screening and an assessment of your current and future oral health risks such as gum disease, tooth decay and tooth wear. You’ll leave with full and detailed knowledge of the health of your jaw joint, your bite, your teeth, all your fillings, any caps or bridges and your gum health status, as well as any treatment that may be recommended to resolve any long term problems once and for all. He’ll also teach you about prevention; about gum disease, its causes, how to avoid it and how to brush your teeth perfectly. He’ll also teach you about how to eliminate the risk of dental cavities forming and how for example you might need to adjust parts of your daily diet to reduce the risk of new cavities forming. In the end you’ll leave with a complete picture of what you must do to achieve and maintain predictable, stable lifelong oral health.

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