When you choose Kenilworth Dental Practice for your dental care, you have the reassurance of knowing that you’re being looked after by some Award-Winning Dentists at an Award-Winning Dental Practice.

Kenilworth Dental Practice first had the honour of being Shortlisted in the category of ‘Best Dental Practice’ at the UK national ‘Dentistry Awards’ in 2011/12!

Then, in 2012, Practice owner and Cosmetic Dentist Dr Arjun Kachhala, was listed as one of the UK’s Top 50 Dentists (according to national industry publication ‘Dentistry Magazine’ in 2012).

In 2013/4, we finally had the Prestige of being named as WINNERS in the category of ‘Best Team’ at the UK ‘Dentistry Awards’.

Also, In 2013/4, we were Shortlisted TWICE in the category of ‘Best Dental Practice’ both at the ‘UK Dentistry’ Awards and again in the same category at the ‘Private Dentistry’ Awards!

In 2014/5, our implant dentist and senior dental associate Dr. Jesal Pankhania was named as WINNER in the Prestigious Category of ‘Best Young Dentist’ at the ‘UK Dentistry’ Awards.