Private Treatment Price Guide 2023-24

A clear, unambiguous and understandable printed estimate will always be presented and discussed with you before you embark on any private treatment.

Teeth Straightening Clinic (& related)

Detailed Initial Discussion (with Patient Care Co-ordinator) FREE
Detailed Initial Oral Health Assessment Experience (2+ hours) £199
Invisalign® Teeth Straightening *from £3,359
Additional set of clear aligners £695
Common Options after Teeth Straightening:  
5 weeks Premium Home Teeth Whitening £799
Composite Bonding from £299
Tooth recontouring from £199
Orthodontic Retainer Options:  
Standard removable retainer (per jaw) £225
Premium Vivera® removable retainer (includes upper and lower jaw X 3 identical sets) £799
Fixed lingual wire retainer (per jaw) £550

*This is our current Invisalign SALE price. The sale is on until Friday 6/10/23

This latest Invisalign Sale Event ALSO includes BIG discounts on ALL 5 of the following prices:

HALF PRICE on the initial assessment fee;

HALF PRICE on a 60 minute Hygienist appointment (if needed before straightening);

a FREE additional set of aligners (if needed);

HALF PRICE on Teeth whitening (after straightening);

and BIG discounts are also available on various types of orthodontic retainers.

Please click here to visit our ‘Latest Offer’ page for further information

Our Dental Implant Clinic

Detailed Initial Discussion (with Patient Care Co-ordinator) FREE
Detailed Initial Oral Health Assessment Experience (2+ hours) £199
Dental Implant from £1,995
Implant retained crown/bridge from £1,995
Tooth removal (complex) £250-£399

Other Cosmetic Dental Treatments

5 weeks Premium Home Teeth Whitening £799
Mini Smile Makeover from £5,950
Composite Bonding from £299
White Fillings from £250
Cosmetic Crown/Bridge from £895
Composite Veneers from £995
Porcelain Veneers from £1,495

Our Hygiene Clinic

At Kenilworth Dental Practice ALL standard hygiene appointments are for 30 minutes

Hygienist Optimum Gum Health Service (30minutes) £82.50
Extended / New Patient Hygienist (1hour) £165

General Dentistry

Detailed Private New Patient Assessment Experience (2+ hours) £199
Private Annual Oral Health Assessment (45minutes) £149
Non-routine Emergency Advice & Assessment £99
Small X-rays £15
Tooth removal (routine) £199
Root Canal Treatment from £399
Part Denture (plate) from £495
Cosmetic Full Denture from £1500
White Fillings from £250
Crown/Onlay from £745
5 weeks Premium Home Teeth Whitening £799

Throughout the year, we sometimes run a range of promotions and packages to maximise your budget.

Please visit the Latest Offers section for up to date information.

Or to ask us ANY question on our services and treatments, please call us on 01926 512 747 and arrange a free informal chat with our patient coordinators Sue or Lisa

Additional Important Information:

  1. All Private Treatment Prices vary depending on the Complexity of the work involved, the Materials costs, any Laboratory costs & our Professional Surgery Time required. This is why in many cases we cannot list an exact price for you until you’ve been properly assessed; therefore the list above is a ‘guide’.
  2. After an assessment, our policy is always to present our patients with a final, clear and unambiguous printed Treatment Estimate, before you embark on any Private (or NHS) Dental treatment.
  3. All our dentists are respectful and we’ll never use any pushy ‘sales’ techniques or apply pressure on you. YOU will always remain in control-That is our promise!
  4. If you’re ever unsure or confused about anything, please don’t ever hesitate to speak to us for a further explanation. Our dentists don’t mind repeating information and we really do understand that aspects of modern dentistry can sometimes be baffling!

No question is ever too trivial; we’re here to serve YOU and your needs!

Alternatively, if after an assessment, you need further information about your proposed treatment and you prefer not to speak with a dentist, please don’t ever hesitate to request to speak with our experienced and popular Patient Care Coordinator and Practice Manager, Sue Sketchley, she’s incredibly patient, knowledgeable and popular and has over 35 years’ experience and success in dentistry!

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