Tooth Removal

Do you have a broken or heavily filled tooth, or one with a root filling, that’s come to the end of its life and needs to be extracted?

Or perhaps you have third molars (wisdom teeth) that either haven’t erupted properly or are stuck (impacted) against your neighbouring molars, causing damage or infection?

Unfortunately, there are times when a tooth can no longer be saved or, in the case of impacted wisdom teeth, when it would be better to remove them for the sake of your overall dental health and the neighbouring teeth.

You may be facing the prospect of having a tooth removed with some trepidation, especially if yours is a more complicated case. We want to put your mind at rest.

Our Light Touch

Many of our dentists have undergone postgraduate surgical training to learn how to remove heavily damaged teeth and wisdom teeth with minimal trauma. For your comfort and reassurance, we also stock a faster acting and stronger type of local anaesthetic meaning you won’t feel a thing! Please ask us if you want us to administer this.

We will always put your comfort and wellbeing first, and we allow plenty of time for a tooth extraction to make sure that you feel relaxed and confident in our experienced hands. If we feel that your case is particularly complicated, we may decide to refer you to a Consultant Oral Surgeon at Warwick Hospital but, as with all aspects of your dental care, we would discuss this with you so that you feel fully consulted about your best course of treatment.