‘Smile Design’

Are there several aspects of your smile that you would improve if you had the opportunity? Perhaps you wish your teeth could be straighter as well as whiter?

Or do you wish you could replace missing teeth as well as getting rid of your metal fillings?

It’s often the case that the best results for improving and rejuvenating a smile come from combining a number of dental treatments.

Here at Kenilworth Dental Practice (‘KDP’), our two most popular and effective cosmetic treatment combinations are listed below.

KDP ‘Smiles Better’ Package: This is a good combination if the appearance of your smile is a high priority:

  1. Straightening teeth with Invisalign® clear braces
  2. Then Teeth Whitening to brighten the colour
  3. Finally, if needed, enhancing the smile with ceramic Veneers- which are matched to the colour of the whitened teeth

KDP ‘Chews Me’ Package: This is a good combination if you’re a ‘foodie’ and the ability to bite and eat properly is a higher priority. The teeth whitening included still brings out the natural beauty of your smile and creates a brighter colour to match all other new treatment to:

  1. Enhancing the colour of your teeth with Teeth Whitening
  2. Then Ceramic Crowns (to structurally protect any teeth which have very large metal fillings that are at risk of fracturing)
  3. Then replacing smaller metal fillings with tooth-coloured white fillings
  4. Finally, replacing loose Dentures or Bridges with Dental Implants

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