Public perception of veneers (and why we don’t do ‘fake’ smiles)

Cosmetic veneers often get a bad press mainly because people often see celebrities or public figures with smile makeovers that look completely unnatural, usually because they’ve been made way too white or because the proportions are completely wrong. Rest assured that for our own patients, we believe in creating natural and healthy looking smiles that blend in and enhances a person’s existing appearance, rather than creating a ‘fake’ unnatural look that is distracting! Read on below to find out how…

Preview a new smile with Dr Kachhala’s ‘Prototype’ Veneers!

Practice Owner (and our cosmetic expert) Dr. Arjun Kachhala’s unique methodical approach allows you to ‘test drive’ ‘prototype’ veneers for at least 3-4 weeks before the real ones are fitted. The prototype veneers are like a ‘preview’. They’re the same shape, colour and style as the planned final veneers but are made in a different material and they look just like real teeth too. The benefit of ‘prototypes’ is that when fitted, you get a chance to test how your new smile will look, test how you will speak and test how you’ll bite and chew. You get a chance to ensure that they blend in with your lips and your face; you also get to show your family and ask their opinion about your potential smile. With a unique preview like this, as the patient, you remain in control and can still request any adjustments or changes e.g. of the colour or the shape/proportion of any of the prototype veneers before the final ceramic veneers are fitted. All final amendments would be copied over to the final teeth. This unique distinctive approach, provided by Dr. Kachhala, means that you know exactly what your final smile will look like before you’ve even had the final work fitted!

In summary, predictability is very important with this class of dental treatment. In other words Dr. Kachhala wouldn’t provide you with a new smile without the opportunity for you to check that it looks and functions correctly in advance.

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