Toothache Or Emergency Treatment

From time to time, the unexpected happens to us all and we understand that if you damage a tooth or teeth, or you suddenly experience toothache or develop an abscess or infection, it can be a painful and stressful experience.

We can provide the emergency treatment you need to make your life comfortable and pain free again. Simply call us on 01926 512 747 to book an emergency appointment during opening hours and we’ll endeavour to find a way of seeing you on the same day to resolve your problem. In general, we advise calling as early as possible in the day to secure an emergency appointment as we reserve provisional emergency slots in our diaries each day but they’re booked on a first come first served basis. If you call later in the day we may not be able to find an appointment until the following day. If you’re already registered with us, we’ll also try our best to ensure that you’re seen by your own regular dentist for an emergency appointment but, again, we can’t always guarantee this. Our aim is always to ensure that as far as possible we get you out of discomfort or pain as soon as we can, so this may be with who-ever we can find the best availability with on the day in question.

Out of Hours

If you have a dental emergency and it’s outside of our opening hours or on Bank Holidays, please call the local area out of hours emergency service on 111. This service is available to all patients.