Cosmetic Dental Treatments

A better smile is commonly seen as a sign of youth, confidence, success and good health.

A healthy, attractive smile can open doors to new relationships and work opportunities.

For almost 20 years, Practice Owner and Cosmetic expert Dr. Arjun Kachhala has been changing smiles and transforming people’s lives. Arjun treats our entire cosmetic and smile improvement cases and has been a full member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) since 2009. In April 2012 he was named in a list of the UK’s Top 50 Dentists by ‘Dentistry’ Magazine.

Improving a smile can be achieved through something as simple as Teeth Whitening or through something a little more complex such as Teeth Straightening or Smile Design (discreet porcelain veneers that subtly change the perceived shape of the smile).

Cosmetic dental treatments include any techniques that restore or improve the appearance of your teeth. We generally aim for a natural, beautiful and healthy look instead of a ‘Hollywood’ or ‘fake’ look. Our Cosmetic expert and Practice Owner Dr. Arjun Kachhala says, a natural look is always what I get asked for, it’s a healthy, discrete look where the teeth will suit you and your face and where the treatment makes you still look like ‘you’… but a whole lot better and where nobody else can easily tell that you’ve had the work done too.

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Cosmetic dental treatment includes stand-alone or combinations of the following treatments:

Teeth Whitening

White Fillings

Cosmetic Crowns

Natural Porcelain Veneers

Clear Orthodontics with Invisalign®

Dental Implants

Cosmetic dental treatments are available privately and not through the NHS.

In the Cosmetic Clinic at Kenilworth Dental Practice, as well as creating natural looking beautiful teeth, our priority is always to ensure that your mouth is stable and predictable for long term health so that, as well as smiling, you can also chew and eat properly. We always try to ensure that any cosmetic dental treatments you have now will give you long-term confidence when you smile as well as when you eat. Dr Kachhala says, this is why it’s always important to have a thorough detailed assessment-so that an accurate diagnosis and a proper treatment plan that suits your mouth and your needs can be methodically devised, with proper thought. This detailed and thorough approach from the outset has helped us keep our clinical success rates very high. We audit our success rates very closely and we know that the work we fit lasts a long time, so we very rarely experience any problems with treatments.

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