White Fillings

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A great smile can brighten your life, both professionally and socially. White composite resin fillings are a highly effective way of keeping your smile looking fresh and youthful. Because white fillings can be colour matched to the tooth in which they’ll sit, they’re almost invisible, making it hard for anyone to see that you’ve had dental treatment. This means you can talk, smile and even give a hearty open-mouthed laugh without feeling self-conscious about metal fillings!

Here at Kenilworth Dental Practice, we see many patients who are unhappy with their old metal amalgam fillings. If you have metal amalgam fillings, you will be pleased to know that we can replace them with white composite resin.

The materials used in modern white fillings are durable and hardwearing, and they bond to your teeth using special adhesive technology to make them much more secure than metal fillings.

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What happens when we place a white filling?

Composite resin white fillings need to be placed in layers in a dry tooth to ensure that the material bonds properly. When you attend for your appointment, we’ll gently give you a local anaesthetic to numb your tooth. If you have an old amalgam filling, we will remove it carefully as well as taking away any decayed or weak tooth tissue that remains.

We’ll place a special rubber sheet on a frame - a ‘rubber dam’ - over your tooth to isolate it from the rest of your mouth. This is to keep the tooth dry and to allow ideal bonding conditions which will maximise the life of the new filling. Once the rubber dam is in place, we’ll begin the process of filling your tooth; this includes applying an etchant to the enamel around the cavity to ensure the composite material bonds with your tooth.

Once the filling material is in place (a process that goes through several intricate stages) we will polish and shape your filling so that it blends seamlessly with your tooth. The filling is fully hardened and useable immediately after the procedure is complete, so you can eat and drink as usual once the numbness has worn off (2-3 hours).