Private Patients

We proudly provide a very high quality of care and attention on the NHS and always will.

If you’re looking for a more bespoke dental experience however, there are many benefits to registering with Kenilworth Dental Practice as a private patient.

You will come under the personal care of our owner Dr Arjun Kachhala (previously a UK Top 50 Dentist), and you’ll be able to access a wide choice of treatment options not available on the NHS, including Cosmetic Dental Treatments, Dental Implants and Adult Orthodontics with Invisalign®.

As well as more treatments, we can offer you a greater choice of materials, laboratories and up to date cosmetic techniques. You will also benefit from longer appointment times and quality one-to-one time with Dr Kachhala to discuss how you feel about your teeth and what you would like your treatment to achieve. Our feedback has shown overwhelmingly that the unlimited time from the outset to discuss patients’ requirements has been very popular in our private clinic with Arjun.

In 2014, Dr Kachhala moved his private clinic to the newly refurbished first floor of Kenilworth Dental Practice. On this floor, you’ll find beautiful surroundings designed to be as relaxing as possible (something our nervous patients love).

In the Private Clinic, our emphasis is on time and personalised care and Dr Kachhala has a smaller dedicated team, which means that you’ll soon get to know us and how we work. As a private patient, we want you to know that you have even more of our time and focus. Dr Kachhala only sees a limited number of private patients so that he can give every person complete, individual attention. We will take time to find out about you as a person, your needs and your experience of dentistry so far.

You will also benefit from Dr Kachhala’s cutting-edge knowledge and commitment to ongoing lifelong postgraduate training. For example, he recently invested in a new hand held device from the USA called the Velscope Vx which helps to detect oral cancer at an earlier stage. Although a thorough visual inspection of the whole mouth is always carried out by all our dentists (regardless of whether you’re NHS or Private) this device is used by Arjun in addition to a thorough visual inspection and is a routine part of all Private examinations with Dr. Kachhala, adding extra peace of mind. Please ask Arjun for more details.

Dr Kachhala’s Private Care Philosophy

If you can answer yes to any of the following 6 questions then Practice Owner Dr Arjun Kachhala’s long term philosophy may be the solution for you!

  1. Are more & more of your teeth needing to be removed over time and you’re not sure why?
  2. Do you have a long history of teeth or fillings that frequently break and you don’t feel in control?
  3. Do you regularly get toothache, abscesses or infected teeth and don’t understand the reasons?
  4. Do your teeth have to constantly be filled and refilled and you’re frustrated?
  5. Do you endlessly attend emergency appointments at your dentist?
  6. Do you have a long history of bad breath, loose teeth or perhaps have had battles in the past with gum disease and you want to regain control?

If so, there may be a number of complex reasons that are causing these problems and simply knowing the reasons and how to resolve and manage them will help you to regain control. If you’re motivated to learn about your own mouth in much greater detail than ever before, then Arjun believes that anyone CAN regain control!

Our feedback from patients that first attend suggests that achieving a healthy, stable and predictable set of teeth and gums still appears to be a bit of a myth to most people! This shouldn’t be the case in the 21st Century. Gaining better knowledge and having significant time with a dentist can have an enormous impact on people’s confidence in their teeth and gums. For example, you may have lost a lot of teeth through gum disease and it may just be that nobody has sat you down and properly discussed the causes of your gum disease or shown you how to brush and floss your teeth in the most effective way to control your long term gum health. Or you may have a lot of old large fillings and you’ve perhaps not been taught which of them has the greatest risk of breakages or infections developing or why this is the case.