NHS Dentistry: Your Questions Answered

To access the Dental Services available on the NHS, you’re very welcome to register with Kenilworth Dental Practice as an NHS patient. Our list is always open and we never turn new patients away!

Below, we’ve put together some basic information based on the most frequently asked questions we get asked about our NHS services (you may have thought of a few yourself):

Which dental treatments am I entitled to on the NHS and how much do I pay?

If you choose our NHS services, we offer the following:

  • Dental health checks (basic examination)
  • Basic gum care (removal of plaque) and advice on keeping gums healthy
  • Fillings (silver coloured amalgam for back teeth and where not visible)
  • Simple tooth removal
  • Root fillings (first treatment only)
  • Acrylic (pink plastic) removable dentures (to replace missing teeth)
  • Simple bridges (to replace missing teeth)
  • Crowns (silver coloured metal alloy on back teeth, not cosmetic tooth coloured ones)

The prices depend on the treatment you need to keep your mouth, gums and teeth healthy. You'll fall into one of three categories per course of treatment and fees changes every April (if you’re exempt from NHS charges, you don’t pay NHS fees).

Band 1 - £25.80 Band 2 - £70.70 Band 3 - £306.80
Examination and advice Band 1 plus Band 1 & 2 plus
X-rays Fillings Crowns/Simple Bridges
Simple scale with dentist Simple tooth removal Removable Acrylic (pink)
  Simple root fillings Dentures

If you have an NHS basic examination, you can still choose to go for one-off private treatments as you want, whilst remaining registered on the NHS. We will always offer you all the appropriate NHS and Private options in order for you to decide what you prefer.

If we recommend more complex tooth removal, complex root fillings or treatment of advanced gum disease, you will have two options:

  • To be referred to a hospital or clinic that has specific funding to complete your treatment on the NHS
  • To have the treatment carried out on a private basis, either by a local specialist or in our own practice

Am I entitled to free NHS dental treatment?

You are only entitled to free NHS dental treatment if you:

  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Are 18 years of age AND in FULL-time education
  • Are Pregnant
  • Had a baby in the last 12 months

Yes, if you receive:

  • Income Support (NB-Incapacity Benefit and Disability Living Allowance does NOT count)
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance (NB-Contribution-based does NOT count)
  • Income-related Employment & Support Allowance (NB-Contribution-related does NOT count)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (NB-Savings Credit on its own does NOT count)
  • Universal Credit

Or if you are named on one of the following certificates:

  • HC2 certificate
  • NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate (Card)

Unless you are exempt (and can show evidence), you will need to pay for your NHS treatment as per the Banding prices above.

(The NHS Dental Banding prices are decided annually by NHS England and not by us).

You must show evidence of your claim for free NHS treatment each time you visit.

If you aren’t certain that you are entitled to free NHS dental services, NHS guidelines state that you should pay and if it turns out that you are entitled then you can claim a refund. Please be aware that routine checks/audits are carried out by the NHS on any claims and it is your responsibility for the accuracy of the claim, not ours. If you’re found to have wrongly claimed free NHS dental services, you’ll have to pay a penalty of up to £100 on top of the treatment.

For further information on NHS dental services and dental charges, download the leaflet "NHS dental services in England" from the www.nhs.uk/healthcosts website or visit the dental services section of the NHS website www.nhs.uk

For further advice on how to get help with NHS dental health costs, call 0300 300 1343 or see "Help with Health Costs", which is available from Jobcentre Plus offices and at www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk

What isn’t available on the NHS (but is available Privately with us)?

30-minute appointments at Kenilworth Dental Practice are currently £82.50

As the list shows, Cosmetic and other complex dental treatments such as Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Straightening or Cosmetic Smile Enhancement are not available through the NHS.

When you enquire as a New Patient for Cosmetic Treatment or Dental Implants, you’ll eventually be seen and assessed by our Cosmetic Expert and Award Winning Practice Owner, UK Top 50 dentist (according to ‘Dentistry magazine’ May 2012), Dr Arjun Kachhala.

To start your journey, book your initial free chat, or to register as an NHS or Private Patient, please call 01926 512 747 (select option 1 to speak with our patient Care Coordinator, Sue Sketchley)

Or use our simple contact form and a member of staff will be in touch.

NHS Patients

We’re proud to welcome NHS patients to Kenilworth Dental Practice. We’re honoured to provide a very high quality of care and attention on the NHS and we always will.

Your care will fall under one of our excellent associate dentists, who have all been diligently chosen by our Practice Owner for their exceptional skill and front-line dental knowledge. Feel free to check out our testimonials and reviews section.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest possible standards of basic treatment and care. A wide range of treatment options are available through the NHS and we work hard to maximise the potential of our annual NHS budget so that you experience the benefits.

As an NHS patient, we will always do our very best for you at all times. For flexibility, if there is a specific treatment that isn’t available through the NHS, you can still opt to have any such treatment privately whilst still remaining registered on the NHS for your basic needs, for example Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Adult Teeth Straightening and Cosmetic Treatment.

You can find out about NHS dental costs & treatment bands and you can also read more about visiting Kenilworth Dental Practice as an NHS patient, as well as frequently asked questions about our NHS Dental services by clicking here.

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